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Resin Anion Rohm & Haas Amberlite IRA-402-CL

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Specification:AMBERLITE IRA402 Cl is a type 1, gelular, remium grade, strongly basic, anion exchange resin. It is based on crosslinked polystyrene and has high regeneration efficiency and excellent rinse performance. It is used in co-flow regeneration and conventional counterflow systems with downflow loading and upflow regeneration with air or water holddown. Combined with a strong acid cation exchanger, AMBERLITE IRA402 Cl resin reduces both strong and weak acid concentrations to extremely low levels. Its main use is water emineralization. Other fields of application include the treatment of electroplating waste and the isolation of anionic metals.

Functional groups : -N+ ( CH3) 3
Physical form : Pale yellow translucent beads
Ionic form as shipped : Chloride
Concentration of acid sites : > 1.30 eq/ L ( Cl- form)
Moisture holding capacity : 49 to 55 % ( Cl- form)
Shipping weight : 670 g/ L ( 41.8 lbs/ ft3)
Harmonic mean size : 0.600 - 0.750 mm
Uniformity coefficient ; < 1.60
Fines content : 1.180 mm : 5.0 % max
Maximum operating temperature : 60° C ( 140° F)

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Name:Ms. Reny Ardiansyah [Sales]
Mobile Number:08121012569
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Fax Number:+62-21-42888376
Address:Jalan Letjen Suprapto Komplek Ruko Mega Grosir Cempaka Mas Blok N No. 30
Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta
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